Performance Suspension Components

'67-69, '70-81 Camaro

Street Duty (Stage 1-3)
PSC's suspension package for their Stage 1 kit includes a complete graphite-impregnated polyurethane frontend rebuild kit, front and rear gas-charged KYB shocks, and paired front and rear powdercoated G-Tech sway bars with polyurethane bushings. Stage 2 adds front and rear polyurethane leaf spring bushing pads. PSC's Stage 3 adds more aggression with a complete set of upper and lower tubular control arms with polyurethane bushings.

COST: $773 & UP

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'67-69 Camaro

Street/Track Duty
The Hotchkis TVS is an all-inclusive kit that has been designed and tested as a system. The TVS system includes sport coils, sport sway bars, chassis max sway bar brace, heavy-duty tie-rod sleeves, and sport leaf springs. Note: Order PN 80015 for small-block and 80014 for big-block engines.

COST: $1,500

'10 Camaro

Street Duty
This system is comprised of 1-inch lowered higher-rate sport coil springs (front 210 lb/in, rear 440 lb/in) paired with front and rear, lightweight 1.25-inch tubular front sway bar and an adjustable 1-inch rear sway bar. Front bars are 210% stiffer than the stock SS and up to 170% stiffer than the rear factory units. Greasable polyurethane bushings and mounts are included. All components are made in the USA and come in a durable gloss-black powdercoat finish.

COST: $817

Track Duty
To up the ante for the 2010 Camaro, Hotchkis is also making an even more aggressive suspension package available. It features all of the base suspension components seen in the $817 kit, however it's paired with a unique aluminum chassis brace manufactured out of elliptical aluminum tubing for superior strength and ground clearance. Hotchkis designed this brace to reduce subframe flex and wheelhop, and features greasable polyurethane bushings and mounts.

COST: $1,300

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