Quick install specs:

✚ 13-inch, drilled brake rotors

✚ Adjustable QA1 coilover shocks

✚ Stiffer sway bars and bushings

✚ 2-inch drop spindles

✚ Better suspension geometry

Let’s face it, the handling and braking performance of a bone-stock 1970s muscle car is pretty terrible when compared to today’s standards. Years of use wreaks havoc on stock rubber bushings and the ’70s-era brake designs leave a lot to be desired, especially if you are familiar with how a modern car, such as a Camaro or Corvette, behaves. Yes, some old muscle car owners may feel that their stock drums and ancient caliper discs work fine, but take it from someone who’s recently experienced an aggressive jaunt between cones in a modern brake and suspension-equipped second-gen Camaro: They don’t know what they are missing. Corner carving with your old hot rod is a blast, and, thanks to today’s aftermarket, it’s possible to make your 40-year-old car perform like a modern-day champ.

Classic Performance Products is one of our favorite companies to offer disc brake conversions and performance handling suspension setups for Chevy’s popular body styles. Using the C5 Corvette spindle, the engineers at CPP have come up with a 13-inch disc brake kit that can drastically change the performance capabilities of your vehicle. Couple that with some tubular control arms and adjustable coilovers from CPP, and you can have a nasty road hugger in a weekend. A shop that’s no stranger to these types of installs is Don Lee Auto in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Shop operator Tim Lee has been building cars for three decades and was a perfect choice to install the CPP suspension and brakes on the Eddie Motorsports Camaro. We opted for a few different part numbers to upgrade: PN 7081SWBK-SC5R includes the assembled front brake assembly; PN 6869RWBK-P12 for the big discs in the rear; tubular upper and lower control arms (PN 7081TCA-UKB , PN 7081TCA-LKB), adjustable coilovers (PN GMP35); and a front and rear sway bar kit (PN CP709U-BLACK and PN CP681U-BLACK). We also opted for CPP’s Sport leaf springs and bolt in QA1 shocks as well (PN 7081RLS-D and PN TC2109P0).

In the following pages we show off some of the steps it takes to install modern brakes and suspension on a second-generation Camaro. Hopefully, readers will be inspired to abandon their factory hardware for something from this century.