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Coast High Performance

Edelbrock's 555 RPM XT is a powerful, big-cubic-inch crate engine package that features a Dart Big-M 9.800-inch deck block, Scat forged 4.250-inch crank, and forged pistons for 10:1 compression. Edelbrock adds their all new CNC ported RPM Xtreme cylinder heads that feature 118cc combustion chambers and high-quality valvesprings for valve lift of up to 0.700-inch. The Rollin' Thunder hydraulic roller cam comes in at 0.632/0.648-inch intake/exhaust lift with 248/256 duration at 0.050-inch. It all sits at 112 degrees of lobe separation. The key advantages of the RPM Xtreme cylinder heads are the increased airflow for big power and the exhaust ports in the stock location, allowing the use of readily available off-the-shelf headers. Packages are available in either carbureted (Thunder Series AVS with MSD Pro Billet) or fuel injected (Pro-Flo 2 with a Mallory distributor) applications. Edelbrock adds a 2-year/Unlimited-mileage warranty.

SIZE 555
HP 676
TQ 649
PRICE $13,473

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Herbert Performance Parts Centers
Now you can enjoy the dual benefits of big power and light weight in a small package with Herbert's 434 small-block. Starting with a Dart Little M Sportsman block; the rugged block is filled with Clevite H-series bearings and your choice of a 4340 forged crank and H-beam rods (Eagle or Scat). Pistons are JE units and come with Plasma-Moly rings. Dart's Pro aluminum 215cc heads come fully assembled with fully adjustable Scorpion roller rockers. Inside rests their line of hydraulic or solid roller camshaft. Topping it off are a Performance Products Hurricane manifold, SFI rated balancer, and a Protech flexplate. All engines are dyno tested before delivery.

SIZE 434
HP 600
TQ 550
PRICE $9,000

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Doug Herbert

Katech has created one of the most complete, custom 427ci engine packages for any project vehicle. They start with GM's bulletproof LSX block as a foundation, featuring a 4.220-inch bore and 3.819-inch stroke. The crankshaft of choice is a Callies Magnum, paired with H-beam rods and a set of forged pistons. On top sits custom ported LS3 cylinder heads with a GMPP intake manifold and a Holley 850-cfm carburetor. Katech also includes the water pump, damper, oil pan, LS6 coils, and even the MSD 6LS controller. Providing a custom look, every 427 comes with special Katech valve covers, coil relocators, and a belt tensioner. You'll also be happy to know that all engines are delivered dyno tuned with a custom spark calibration and comes with an easy five-wire hookup, which provides for a simple install.

SIZE 427
HP 656
TQ 563
PRICE $16,500

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Katech, Inc