Dyno days can be a blast, especially when we're pushing the limits of engines simply to see how much power can be gained from various combinations. Albeit, those days aren't always easy; no matter how far ahead you plan you just never really know what to expect. Basic tests, like swapping manifolds and camshafts, tend to go well, but when you're firing up a fresh motor, mounting a supercharger, and trying to further the test with a cam swap, it becomes a lot more complicated--well, usually.

To say that this test went unusually well would be a complete understatement, and because we have to give props where they're due, Vortech Engineering's Bob Endress was the shining star this month. He selflessly took the time out of his busy schedule to set up the entire assembly, and he even camped out in the dyno cell with us during the three-day thrash session. This meant getting the GM Performance Parts ZZ383 ready to rock on the dyno, setting up the GMPP serpentine belt system, tapping the oil return line into the pan, and mocking up the Gen II supercharger kit. Endress will tell you it didn't take long, but it sure helped to facilitate our testing.

To tell you the truth, it was almost unnerving wondering when something was going to go wrong. Instead, from the onset we made power, and then more power, and even more power on top of that. While we'd even go as far as to say that we put together the ultimate crate-engine package, in all reality, we just had perfectly matched components that obviously worked well together. Utilizing a complete a GMPP ZZ383, a GMPP single-plane manifold, a Demon carburetor, and a complete Vortech Engineering Gen II blow-through supercharger system we had a serious powerhouse generating over 600 hp. At one point we were pleased to leave the testing at 692 hp--nah, we couldn't do that. A quick change of the pulleys and everything above that was pure gravy. We obviously won't give away all the sordid details here, so read on for the blow-by-blow results.


The Test
Dyno a GM Performance Parts ZZ383 crate engine and subject it to a complete Vortech Gen II blow-through supercharger system. We even swap in a blower-specific camshaft and watch the numbers climb.

GMPP ZZ383, serpentine-drive assembly, and single-plane aluminum intake manifold, Comp Cams bumpstick, MSD distributor, Demon 750-cfm carburetor

Price (APPROX)

0611Ch Video Capture
Video W/Vortech Gen II System
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Video W/Vortech Gen II System and Comp Cams Blower-Specific Camshaft
Windows | Quicktime

Dyno Details
ZZ383 Crate W/Vortech Gen II System
Pulley comboNone6" crank, 6" crank, 6" crank,
3.33" blower3.12" blower2.95" blower
Advance36 degrees28 degrees28 degrees28 degrees
Boost level0677.5
Max lb-ft 456 @ 4,500543 @ 5,000545 @ 5,000571 @ 5,000
Max hp 437 @ 5,500598 @ 6,200609 @ 6,500636 @ 6,400
Dyno Details
ZZ383 W/Comp Cams Blower-Specific Camshaft & Vortech Gen II System
Pulley comboNone6" crank, 6" crank, 6" crank, 7.8" crank,
3.33" blower3.12" blower2.95" blower3.33" blower
Advance36 degrees28 degrees28 degrees28 degrees25 degrees
Fuel91-octane100-octane100-octane100-octane100-octane w/splash of 114
Boost level078911
Max ft-lb454 @ 4,600552 @ 5,200570 @ 5,200596@ 5,500658@ 5,400
Max hp 448 @ 5,800630 @ 6,500660 @ 6,500692 @ 6,500746 @ 6,300
Camshaft Specs
ManufacturerComp Cams
Part number08-301-8
Valve lift at 0.0500.520/0.540-inch intake/exhaust
Duration at 0.050244/252 degrees intake/exhaust
Lash (cold)0.012/0.012 intake/exhaust
Lash (hot)0.016/0.016 intake/exhaust
Intake centerline106 degrees
Lobe separation110 degrees
Comp Cams08-301-8Xtreme Energy SFT$246
Demon5402010GC750-cfm Mighty Demon$520
Fel Pro1205Intake gaskets$13
1010Head gaskets$35
GM Performance Parts
12498772ZZ383 crate engine$4,790
12496822Aluminum raised-runner intake$290
12497698Deluxe serpentine system$754
12497978Cover kit$154
MSD Ignition85551Pro-billet distributor$226
Vortech EngineeringGen II T-trim system4GP218-038T$3,579
COMP Cams MSD Ignition
El Paso
Demon Carburetion
Pace Performance
Federal Mogul (Fel-Pro Gaskets)
Scoggin Dickey Parts Center
GM Performance Products
Contact your nearest dealer
Vortech Engineering
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