OE Fortification: False Economy?
If you're maybe thinking you can get it done cheaper the old-fashioned way, here's a ballpark cost analysis of what it takes to refurbish and fortify a stock GM 12-bolt rear axle. The total amount is within striking distance of the Moser base price. As for the shipping charges, contact Moser for specific pricing, but rest assured you may spend more running all over town rounding up parts if you attempt this in do-it-yourself mode. Think it over, then make the call!


*Used 12-bolt case housing: $100 to $250 (when you can find one)
*Re-tube 12-bolt case to your width: $379
*Custom axle tube ends: $80
*Custom alloy axle shafts: $315
*Differential setup kit: $100
*Spool: $190
*Ring-and-pinion: $155
*1350-series pinion yoke: $130
*Upgraded wheel studs: $80
*Setup labor: $125
TOTAL = $1,645 to $1,795

Performance Differential
CA  91761
Moser Engineering