Last month we compared a 406ci traditional Mouse to the 402ci LS2 shown here, only we ran out of time before we could kickit up a notch with a little spray action. You honestly didn't think we would let something like that slide, did you? Now rather than getting into all the ins and outs regarding nitrous (since that's on page 20), let's get to the point and define it as what most call it on the street-horsepower in a bottle. Some like to call it cheating, but horsepower is horsepower and the engine is simply a big air pump that doesn't care how the power is being generated. While we don't advocate trying to hook up the insane amount of torque shown here onto the street, it's a surefire way to showcase what a basic kit can do for you.

To recap, our mule is an all-aluminum-block LS2 from the General that we had Turn Key Engine Supply assemble with a set of 62cc Dart as-cast Pro 1 LS1 225 cylinder heads, an Edelbrock LS1 Victor Jr. manifold, and all Lunati internals. Utilizing a 4-inch stroke and bore, the cubic inches measured 402, with a final compression of 11:1. Again, nothing out of control, and everything is available off-the-shelf; however, it made for a formidable combination, pumping out 583 hp and 530 lb-ft on nuts alone.

For round two, we talked to Texas Nitrous Technology (TNT) to see what we could do to turn up the wick even more. It was a pretty simple solution: the dual-stage nitrous plate. If you already have access to a nitrous bottle and feed lines like we did, then you can opt for TNT's conversion package, which includes the plate, nitrous and fuel solenoids, and all of the stainless braided lines. Enough of the rambling, let's get to the fun!

Quick Notes
Turned our 583hp carbureted LS2 into a nitrous-inhaling freight train.
Texas Nitrous Technology Dual-Stage Force 2 plate, Turn Key Engine Supply 402ci LS2, Lunati rotating assembly, Dart Pro 1 LS1 cylinder heads, Edelbrock Victor Jr. LS1 manifold.
$1,000 for a complete dual-stage system and $800 for the conversion kit. Single-stage conversion systems start at $425.