Supercharging is an effective way to increase horsepower reliably. Listed below are complete systems offered for a variety of combinations. While we’re only listing a small sample of what’s available, rest assured that each manufacturer listed here does offer a system for most applications.

Vortech Engineering

’11 Camaro High-Output
PN: 4GE218-010L & 4GE218-018L
Price: $6,950 (Satin Finish)
$7,250 (Polished finish)

Kenne Bell

Liquid-Cooled Systems for ’10 & Newer Camaro
PN: Call for application
Price: $4,000 to $7,000


’10-11 Camaro SS HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1
PN: 1GT212-SCI
Price: $7,000

HO Non-Intercooled for Carbureted Small-Block and Big-Block Serpentine Kits with P-1SC-1
PN: 1CX100-P1SC
PRICE: $3,100


’10-11 E-Force Camaro
PN: 1597 (automatic transmission)
PN: 1598 (manual transmission)
Price: $7,000

’05-07 E-Force LS2 Corvette
PN: 1593 (554hp system)
Price: $7,500
PN: 1594 (599hp system)
Price: $8,000


Small-Block 142 Series
PN: 6543-1
Price: $3,100


’10-11 Camaro SS LS3/L99
PN: 01-23-60-171-BL/CH – LS3 &
01-23-60-173-BL/CH – L99
Price: $7,450 (Black powdercoat finish)
$8,350 (Chrome powdercoat finish)

Trick Flow Specialties

Small-block carburetor system using Vortec cylinder heads
PN: TFS-K26012
Price: $2,900