When it comes to supercharged applications, there's only one word that comes to mind: incredible. A well-tuned supercharging system provides unlimited fun at the stab of the throttle—and folks, that's simply stating the real-world facts. If there's any drawback, it's having the ability to restrain yourself from wide-open throttle blasts to only when it's appropriate.

Recently, we got the inside scoop on ProCharger's latest i-1 system, which is an industry-first programmable-ratio supercharger with monster efficiency for maximum power. What does it all mean? For starters, you can have robust torque down low, while still carrying the horsepower figures through the upper rpm. Factor in the efficient impeller design and you get big power with cooler inlet temperatures. Adding to the list of firsts, the ability to control multiple settings lies within a finger's reach. Yeah, ProCharger went there and it's flat-out amazing.

We were pretty happy to discuss and check out the new i-1 supercharger in person, but then we got to take it a step further and place a factory stock 2010 Chevy Camaro test vehicle onto their Mustang Dynamometer chassis dyno. You can forget the high-octane race fuel or E85 for glorified peak numbers; no, we're talking a real-world evaluation on pump gas for everyday driving. At the end of the pulls, we saw a gain of 187 hp and 158 lb-ft to the rear wheels with just 7.5 pounds of boost!

ProCharger has really taken supercharging to the next level, and we're willing to bet the end users will absolutely dig it. The entire package is priced at $8,495 (MSRP street price will be lower) and it's an investment that'll keep the adrenalin meter pinned with an ear-to-ear grin. Read on for the cool details.

SEMA Recognition
If you were at the SEMA 2013 show in Las Vegas, then you would have caught a sneak peek at the i-1 supercharger; this is where we first got a glimpse of the system and started planning our trip to test it firsthand. We weren't the only ones impressed, as SEMA presented ProCharger a New Products runner-up plaque—this is out of 300-plus entries.