Here's the first look at Vortech's latest mounting system. Each kit comes with the lower mount that attaches to the driver-side cylinder head, which is topped off with a ridged, 1/2-inch-thick CNC-cut mounting plate. What's especially nice about this bracket assembly is that you're not limited to one specific blower. Should the time come to up your game, this bracket will allow you to grow into a larger range of superchargers, including the potent 1,600hp-rated V-4 series Z-trim head unit.

Vortech Engineering's Ricky Best helped put the finishing touches on our test mule. While mounting the system is pretty straightforward and easy, the bulk of the work will come from fabricating the inlet tube, the piping that connects the supercharger to the carburetor. And we have to credit Vortech's Bob Endress for welding this piece together at the eleventh hour-seriously, he eye-balled the measurements the day before and busted out the welder, nailing the correct dimensions on the first try. For the inexperienced (like us), expect to have someone fabricate the inlet tube.

If your motor is already residing in the engine bay, you can use the supplied tool to tap into the pan for the superchargers return line. For our configuration, Endress went ahead and removed the factory oil pan and welded a bung onto the side of the pan.