You have just yanked the motor out of the engine bay, and it’s ready for a rebuild. As you begin to disassemble the front accessories, you realize that the timing cover isn’t going to come off until that circular-looking weight on the crankshaft is removed. You take a second look and notice there is a bolt sticking out of the crankshaft so you attempt to take it off, but the darn motor turns over. The bolt won’t loosen, so you get clever and turn the air compressor on and put your new air impact tool to use. The bolt backs out of the crankshaft, and you think you’re on your way. You begin pulling on the balancer, and it won’t budge. You even manage to carefully wedge a crowbar in behind it, and the balancer still won’t come off. After hours of dismay, you give up and decide to take a look at the newest issue of CHP for its awesome tech. Here is how to do it.

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