Slick Shiftin'
Our Monster Transmission Turbo 400 is no slouch, and it's built to hold up to 950 hp. Even though we won't crest that mark by any means, it's nice to know we've got some serious parts inside and won't have to worry about breakage down the road. When you add Monster's flexplate and the 3,000-stall converter into the mix, you've got a slick package for the street.

TH400 SS Mega Monster
Gear Ratios: 2.48, 1.48, 1.00
Precision Master Overhaul Kit
Gaskets, seals, O-rings, Teflon rings
Governor filter
Rubber seals for drums and pistons
High-performance friction clutches
Steel friction plates
Steel check balls
Double-lipped seals (front and rear)
Alto Red Eagle Race Clutches
Brass washer kit "No Plastic Here"
Bushings and Torrington bearingsSuperior High-Performance Reprogramming Shift Kit
Super pump
Pump bushing
Stator bushings and sealing rings
Modified boost valve assembly
Boost valve spring
Direct/reverse input drum
Machined surface for maximum band performance
Spun balanced and checked
34-element roller sprag
Smooth cam drum assembly
Forward clutch housing
Thoroughly checked and inspected spline, drum casting
Updated/modified accumulators
Raybestos Pro Kevlar band
High-temperature tolerant
Improved holding power
Added strength at strut support
Updated and modified governor with spring kit and nylon gear
Recalibrated valvebody
High-flow filter
Low/reverse heavy-duty sprag
Heavy-duty accumulator spring