The Road Test

Our first experience with the new Gearstar 200-4R transmission was at this year’s Run To The Coast event in El Toro, California. We easily racked up well over 160 miles in one day without so much as a hiccup. We cruised effortlessly at 75 mph at 2,300 rpm, and the transmission was smooth, providing us with instant downshifting whenever we got throttle happy. As soon as the converter locked up it was like another gear. While we don’t have exact mileage numbers, we can tell you cruising over 1,000-rpm less than before in the fast lane has saved us numerous trips to the gas station. We’re only kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner. If you’re still slushing around in a three-speed with no overdrive, get on track and upgrade. You won’t regret it!

The Parts Bin

Mfg. Description PN Cost
Gearstar Complete 200-4R Level III lockup/nonelectronic NA 3,195
Polyurethane transmission mount Call 28
G-Force ’68-74 transmission crossmember for 200-4R RCF1-400 219
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