Next, we wanted to keep the firewall as clean as possible. We lengthened the supplied high- and low-pressure lines before crimping them. This was done to allow routing of the lines behind the fender and to keep it hidden before reaching the engine. The same was done with new (suggested) heater hoses. We also picked up a $6.99 water pump bypass hose, which featured two 90-degree bends, and two heater hose splice connectors for $3.99 each. These 90s were mounted to the power unit and then to the heater hoses, and we gave the hose a tight turn that would not restrict water flow. Better yet, this keeps everything against the firewall and out of the way.

Hands-On Evaluation
Following the process and steps outlined in the instruction sheet, this installation isn't difficult. Every component fit where it was supposed to, such as the provided drier hard lines, which line up perfectly. The power unit snuggles up nicely under the dash, limiting its invasion of passenger footwell space. The supplied wiring is generous enough so that you can easily extend them to make connections onto the factory harness. Even the adjustments to the factory controls to connect the multispeed fan switch are simplified with a provided template.

The only outside tool you'll need is an A/C hose crimping tool. Also, we strongly urge everyone to go ahead and purchase a new heater hose. While you're at it, it's also a great time to drain and refill the cooling system. Finally, be sure to give yourself ample time for the installation. This isn't an afternoon project, and a modest level of wrenching expertise is required. Nevertheless, we have no doubt that this is an installation anyone can handle.

Last Word
Do it! There is no need to swelter in summer's worst any longer as you cruise in your street machine. While we didn't strap our 'Velle onto a chassis dyno to check for any power loss, we're proud to say that any loss would be minimal. With our unit on full-tilt skin-numbing mode, our 383 small-block will easily break the tire loose on command and get sideways in a hurry. Now that is undoubtedly cool!

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