If your project looks like this, welcome to the club. Follow along as we write from the loony bin. This may help you maintain your sanity while making sense of electricity and fluids--and how to keep from electrocuting yourself!Yesterday's classics were rarely available with the creature comforts we all enjoy in our modern vehicles. Thanks to Auto Meter, Covan's, Custom Autosound, Baer Brakes, Be Cool, Classic Tube, Detroit Speed, Electric-Life, Painless Performance, Powermaster, Rick's First Gen Camaros, Street & Performance, Year One, and Vintage Air, we can outfit them with systems that are much more efficient, compact, and reliable than the old stuff we used to call modern.As with all parts of your project, planning is the key to successful installation and joining of wires, tubing, and hoses that carry the lifeblood of the cars we are restoring. Most of the 30-plus-year-old wiring harnesses we remove are obviously past their prime. What may not be so evident is corrosion in the interior wiring bundles and fuel and brake lines, and mouse nests in the air and heat ducts.

Once again, you must be ruthless when evaluating old parts, and replace them now rather than having a short circuit or broken brake line when you are headed for the weekend cruise. The aftermarket companies sourced for this story produce high-quality replacement components that are already labeled, bent, or adjusted for your specific application.

We were hoping to cover the Vintage Air A/C, Flowmaster exhaust, Be Cool radiator/fan, and brake hydraulics installations this month, but there are so many details that we're going to form the second segment of it in Part 6. We'll get the bodywork and painting done in a special CHP paint and body issue next month (Part 5). We'll see you in the April issue for the HVAC and exhaust system, two very different ways of shoving air--plus brakes and radiators, two very different ways of pushing fluid. We'll detail the interior build-up in May and then wrap it in June with the modifications we have made since the car was "finished."