After picking our 1963 Nova up from the painter, we took one look at the rusty and weathered core support and knew we'd eventually need to address its appearance in one form or another. With those ugly snail shell horns hanging off its face and the textured surface that appeared to have a water line across it, the factory radiator core support we had was destined for hours of degreasing and sanding; that is, before we found a better alternative.

Stoker's Hot Rod Factory, in Upland, California, started offering aluminum core supports for 1962-65 Novas, as well as the 1966-67 Novas. These are designed to fit factory or aftermarket front clips, and built from high-quality aluminum with stainless hardware. The support comes assembled ready to bolt on, however, due to various hardware options, you'll need to clean up and reuse you factory bolts, or purchase your own bolts in order to attach it onto the car. "We found some customers wanted stainless, others like black oxide, while some wanted chrome, so we just leave that up to the builder," David Stoker says. In the same vein, Stoker offers the supports blank, meaning there are no added holes in the piece since everyone has different setups under the hood, like A/C hoses for example. As for weight savings, you shave about 6 pounds off from the nose of the car if you ditch the horns too, but for the price of $550, we'd say it's totally worth it if you're building a nice, clean Nova.

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Stoker's Hot Rod Factory
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