Just as the shocks, bushings, and springs in a vehicle's suspension will degrade over the years, other components-door strikers and even hood hinges-will wear out as well. Telltale signs of a worn hood hinge would include repeated adjustment fore and aft as well as height corrections. Another sign is when the hood is raised and it droops and will not stay up on its own. While only replacing the hood springs could have corrected our drooping hood, we were after an updated look to match the theme of today's muscle cars.

In our search for something a bit different, though, we decided to kill two birds with one stone. We ditched the idea of going with a factory replacement and instead went with a billet hood hinge assembly from Eddie Motorsports. The billet hood hinges have very distinct advantages over the stamped steel versions. First, the billet components are extremely strong, which means the hood won't wiggle once up, keeping the hood rigid. They are CNC-crafted from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and utilize sealed bearings for a smooth operation. Next is its adjustability; the billet hinges provide more in adjustment for aligning the hood to the fenders and hood latch. They also feature stainless steel fine-tuning adjustment turnbuckles for final fitment. Finally, you get a choice of custom color options: a polished; machined; or in our case, matte-black powdercoated finish to match our exterior.

To get the job done, we raised the hood on our '66 El Camino and got to work using basic handtools. Don't worry, this is no time-consuming chore; it took us less than an hour. And when it was done, we not only have a more rigid and smoother-functioning hood, but it looks downright awesome.

Quick Notes

What We Did
Swapped the old spring-style hood hinges with a pair of Eddie Motorsports billet aluminum units

Bottom Line
Added adjustment and stability with a modern look

Cost (Approx)

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