Most car builders would take one look at our ’69 Camaro when it rolled into Auto Metal Direct’s Installation Center last year and promptly pass out. The term “rusty” would be an understatement, as this car was on its way to becoming one with the earth again before we picked it up, but luckily for us, Craig Hopkins from the AMD Installation Center is a master metal manipulator; over the past year, Hopkins was able to resuscitate the deteriorating project car.

Using AMD’s sheet metal, Hopkins replaced the entire body of the car with new pieces and got our ’69 ready for the LS3 powerplant, hardcore handling suspension, and a comfy modern interior. We spent a few days at the AMD Install Center in Cleveland, GA, to watch Hopkins put the final pieces of sheet metal on the Camaro chassis, including the hood, fenders and fender extensions, along with the header panel.

The next time you read about this ride we’ll be fitting an LS3 between the Alston Chassisworks sub-frame and assembling the whole car before we ship it off for a black and silver paint scheme.

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