Our $2,800 Nova's interior was a complete disaster when we drove it home last year. It had it all; a droopy headliner, a torn up bench seat that didn't seem to fit quite right, plenty of hanging wiring, a filthy dash, and broken arm rests—it was a wreck, but it was our wreck. The ravaged stock interior did its job for the few months we drove the Nova, that is, until it was time for the cage and we ripped it to the bare floor.

The faded blue interior was sad and depressing, but we aimed to make it like new with the help from a few manufacturers, our favorite semi-gloss spray paint, and a bit of elbow grease. With a list of components needed to restore and revamp our million-mile Nova's cockpit, we contacted one of the largest muscle car restoration facilities in the country, Year One Inc., out of Braselton, Georgia. We actually took a tour of Year One last year and we were impressed by the entire operation. Besides being heavily involved in a lot of the car movies over the past decade, such as The Fast & the Furious and The Dukes of Hazzard movie, Year One is also a huge supporter of the muscle car community in general. They regularly throw big car shows and are constantly sponsoring events, helping to support our passion for hot rods and muscle cars.

Starting at the bottom, we ordered molded 80/20 loop carpet in black to replace the deteriorating, cough-inducing carpeting the Nova had. Since we're trying to build the car as light as possible, we decided to eliminate the rear seat, which meant extending the carpet in the back; luckily we had carpet remnants left over from another project that we were able to use. We also contacted Year One for a front and rear door panel kit in black, the window cranks, which actually came on 1965-67 Novas, and all the necessary weather stripping for the doors and trunk. The one-year interior door handles were also ordered. Year One actually offers their Chevy II door panels for convertibles, four doors, and the coupe in all the various colors and configurations. The sill plates were another addition from Year One, which we felt really helped finish off the interior. The seats we chose are Corbeau Classics, which come in black vinyl and are actually very lightweight, much lighter than we initially thought, and unbelievably comfortable. The brackets the seats come with are rugged and easy to install, too. To fit the contrast of the car, Corbeau's cam lock harness belts were ordered in red. Corbeau also offers their harnesses with a latch style release, but we went with the optional cam lock setup.

We also installed a Lokar's Competitor Series throttle-pedal in black, brake pedal pad, and a black 24-inch Hi-Tech throttle cable kit. Other components such as the TCI Auto Outlaw shifter, Flaming River Steering column, Eddie Motorsports steering wheel, and Classic Instruments gauge cluster also make up the Hardtop Hellion's cabin.

Manufacturer Component Part Number
Classic instruments 1962-65 Nova Gauge Cluster PN NO63VSW---F
Corbeau Classic I Bucket Seats 20051
Corbeau 5-Point Cam Lock Harnesses 53007B
Lokar Competitor Series Throttle Pedal XBAG-6149
Lokar Brake Pedal Pad XBAG-6167
Lokar Hi-Tech Throttle Cable Kit XTC-1000HT
Year One 1962-65 Nova Loop Carpet 6267XBLK
Year One Black Door Panel Kit AB663S55
Year One Window Cranks WC6766
Year One Weather Stripping CC7500 and CC100
Year One Interior Door Handles CD611P
Year One Sill Plates OH3000