Harwood’s fiberglass for a lightened load.

Master Blaster
A different type of stripping.

Ready for Road & Track
Installing a Gear Vendors Overdrive into one slick Tri-Five.

A Brodix top end for big heat.

Special Event

Top tier!
The second annual Chevy High Performance Street Machine Challenge.

Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers
Holiday Gift Guide.


Blown Bandit
Eric Gustafson’s supercharged 8.5 outlaw.

Lesson Learned
Bryan Goff’s first car grows up with a Pro Touring attitude.

Black Speed
Mighty small-block makes big-block horsepower.

Super-Fly Fifty-Five
Scott Miller’s well-crafted shoebox.


Shop Talk
Editor H talks about four-door fun.

Performance Q&A
Our resident tech guru, Big Mac, tells all

Tool Bin
Thirteen-drawer roller cabinet.

Parts Rack
The latest offerings for your street machine.

How It Works
Swapping out that four-barrel for an eight-stack induction can net massive performance, and Inglése explains how it’s done.

The latest batch of cool street machines submitted by you.

Letters, news, and everything else we couldn’t fit anywhere else.